two new cave explorers

cave explorer 12
Just a quick post today to let you know that there are two new Cave Explorer necklaces in the Sadie shop. I have a question for you regarding the future of the Cave Explorers: silver or gold? So far I've only had these available in silver, do you think that gold might be nice, too? A friend of mine ordered one of these and her young son called it "spiffy". Perhaps gold would be that much spiffier?

cave explorer eleven
Hope your week is off to a great start! I'm off to pick up some huge print outs for school this morning!


  1. These are so neat! I especially love the first one. That little guy looks like he's a hard worker!

  2. Gous blog! And I love these. :) My personal preference would be Silver.

  3. certain things really speak out to me..i could be such a picky person. i've seen your first batch and now these. i am in love and am contemplating purchasing one. you're so talented. :)

  4. These are great! Love the silver.
    Thanks for popping by my blog! I see your metal bed - it's great and can easily be mistaken for vintage :)

  5. These are so awesome. For these, I think silver compliments them well. And personally, I think gold would make it too bling bling.

    - Grace

    P.S. Thanks for adding my button. I just added yours.

  6. Becky: Clearly, he can barely stand up straight he's so used to working like that all day!

    Marilyn: Thanks for stopping by. Silver seems to be the favourite.

    Wichser: Aww, thanks. I always love knowing that these guys go to loving homes. I like to imagine their little lives being full of adventures. But not really...I mean, they're not real or anything.

    SisterBatik: Thanks!

    LisaRoy: Thank you. I searched out this IKEA bed frame after I saw it looking all vintage-y on Apartment Therapy. I think it works, and it was a deal.

    Grace: Thanks for the button trade! Appreciate your insight on gold vs. silver. I have something special planned for the next cave explorers...a small change. I hope it works out!

  7. Oh my gosh these are absolutely amazing! i think these are great just the way they are - the silver goes well with the colors :D

  8. These are so creative and beautiful! :)

  9. I think silver would be better...maybe even a neutral metal like a black or one of those brassy "in between" colours (if you know what I mean). That way they can be paired with any outfit or combination of jewellert.

  10. Jihee: Thank you! Silver seems to be the most popular!

    Carla: I'm so glad you like them!

    Van: Thank you. :)

    Grace: Good point. Silver is definitely a more flexible look. I'll experiment with some different colours, too.

  11. silver most definitely. gold could be too much. so happy to see these in your shop again!

  12. I really like these necklaces. When I was younger, one of my (many) different career goals was to become a spelunker - a cave explorer!

  13. Lauren: Yay! So glad you picked one of these guys up.

    Amanda: What a great career goal. I definitely wanted to be a paleontologist!


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