when it's grey it's grey

Yes, that is how we spell "grey" in Canada. Yesterday I walked across the Granville Bridge to go to a printshop in Yaletown. It wasn't super cold, but it was so dreary. It even started to snow when I was halfway across the bridge...or "snow" in Vancouver terms, which means barely-there flakes for a few minutes.

I never get sick of the views off the Granville and Burrard Bridges (that's the Burrard Bridge in the distance in these shots). The mountains, the ocean opening up from False Creek, I love it. On any given day the bridges will have several photographers on them. Vancouver is pretty photogenic, even on dark days like today. Still, these short winter days are making me wish that spring would hurry up and get here. I know it's still just early January, but we'll have crocuses in a couple of weeks and I'm already spending some time with my seed catalogue. Are you ready for spring yet?

By the way, as soon as I'm home during daylight hours to take photos (it got dark at 3pm today, I swear!) I'll continue my home tour. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments! Happy 1/11/11.


  1. oh wow! these pictures are so gorgeous! how i wish to live there!!!

    allister bee blog

  2. SO wonderful!

    I absolutely love cityscapes.
    I imagine all of the people that live there and what they are doing at that moment. :)

  3. It's a bit greyish here in VA too. I'm definitely looking for spring!

  4. I'm already planning out what to plant this spring and I can't wait to actually buy the seeds. I love your photography.

  5. Paislea: Thank you! Vancouver is a pretty great city.

    Jillian: Vancouver has a really unique cityscape. All the grey and green glass and many of the buildings downtown are residential. It looks totally different from anywhere else I've ever been.

    Lala: Very grey here! But the grey is being replaced by white tonight! Snow!

    MME: Buying seeds is so much fun. I already have some for next year and can't wait to start gardening again.

  6. You always have beautiful photos! These really make me want to visit Vancouver. Actually, that was to be mine and Jeff's last stop of our honeymoon (we went to San Francisco to Yosemite to Portland to Seattle) but we got so caught up in wedding planning at the time, we forgot to get our passports renewed! So sometime soon, we will have to try again.

  7. Thank you, Gale. You should definitely try to get to Vancouver. It is such a beautiful city...but I recommend coming here in the summer when you can enjoy the seawall and the beaches!


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