guilty pleasure: dirty dancing

For those of you who have recently joined my blog, let me just mention that the Guilt Pleasure Movie Club is a weekly get together that I am so happy to be a part of here in Vancouver. Every week a member of the club takes a shot at picking a movie that's probably awesome, maybe a little embarrassing, and likely something that no one has seen in a long time. Take a look at some of our past picks to get an idea of what we usually watch.

This week we had a special event and watched a movie that should need no introduction: Dirty Dancing! A downtown theatre is having a mini film festival, playing old movies on the big screen for just $5, and we couldn't miss the chance to see Dirty Dancing in all its glory. My friend Shaun was with us, watching (for the first time!!!) Swayze teach Baby to dance. A man sitting next to him in the theatre was really into the movie, even conducting at times apparently. That guy wasn't the only one really enjoying the movie though. There was much cheering, whistling and even some screaming and fist pumping going on in the audience. They're still playing more old movies until the end of the week, so if you live in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, or Montreal check out the listings.

In the meantime, here's the trailer and a special moment:

Amanda, a Guilty Pleasure regular noted that Dirty Dancing might be the guiltiest movie we've ever watched. I love it! LOVE IT! And don't we all miss Patrick Swayze? I know I do, and this movie makes me miss him more.

Remember this?

Jacqui made it into a true junior high party by eating Smarties and drinking orange juice, while I slightly regret smuggling in an orange because it was a weird and sticky food to eat at the movies. I'm looking forward to next week's Valentine's Day edition already! Jacqui's movie pick is next...round three. What will it be?


  1. dirty dancing is one of my favorites!

  2. I would love to be a part of that kind of movie club :)

    you should see the french film "heartbreakers"-- it's so fun and dirty dancing is a big part of it ;)

    save for a rainy day or when you need another "feel good movie"

  3. Sarah,
    that's kind of interesting that you say that.
    When he passed away, I was really distraught. My husband, Alex, kept asking me what was wrong.
    "He was just so damn hot!" I said back one day.
    He really was dreamy...
    and I love Dirty Dancing!

  4. dirty dancing will always be one of my fave movies. the music in it is to die for!

  5. dirty dancing is suuuch a great chick flick! :) love that film!

  6. Jackiek: It is better every time, I swear!

    Micaela: I'm definitely going to check that move out! And you should start a guilty pleasure movie club. I look forward to it every week! :)

    Carla: Wasn't he just. so. hot. And yet, not really. But totally. I don't know. I just wish he was still around. My friend Amanda reminded me that his legacy is totally awesome, though.

    Kristin: That final dance is unbeatable in every way. :)

    Nadine: Agreed! SOOOOO good!


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