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mook jasper

The great reading break Sadie shop update begins! I was able to add these three pieces to the shop this morning and photograph a bunch more, so more is on the way! Tomorrow I'll be introducing the three newest cave explorers here on the blog. In the meantime, I'm really excited to be able to offer these amazing pink and green rutilated quartz point pieces again. They are my favourites! Whether you call them magical pan flute necklaces (like my friend Carrah) or dirty crystal necklaces (like my friend Sarah), there is no denying that these stones are the best! I've also added a one of a kind mook jasper piece. I just couldn't resist those colours! Have a great Saturday, I'm off to get more supplies. 

Don't forget to use coupon code BEMINE in the shop all weekend for 20% off.
rutilated quart two

rutilated quartz one


  1. They're beautiful and they do remind me of pan flutes! :)

  2. i HAD to have a sadie necklace!!! it was love at first sight... i'll feel like i'm wearing the universe around my neck ;)

    so excited to show it off when it arrives in my happy hands.

    happy weekend busy bee xoxo

  3. I am telling you-- it's crazy!!!

    KISMET... haha!

  4. Oddity: Thank you! I know, when Carrah said that I saw the connection right away!

    Katie: Thank you! I had to make something with those beautiful beads.

    Micaela: Thank you! So glad that the beautiful druzy you chose is going to a good home. I love that piece and hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

    Pandora: Thank you!

  5. Anabela: Thanks! I love the soft colour variations in the rutilated quartz so much. They are so fun to work with and put together.


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