meet the new cave explorers

Three new hard-working cave explorers will be up in the Sadie shop tomorrow. All are diligently working away in beautiful one-of-a-kind agate geodes. There are some new favourites for me in this batch, for sure. I hope that you like them, too. These figures are just 10mm tall! Incidentally, the amethyst core samples will be in the shop later today, just in time to catch the 20% off coupon code BEMINE. I know I've been showing a lot of jewelry on the blog lately, but I'm in major catch-up mode right now! I've been wanting to update the shop for quite a while and school has been keeping me ultra busy. I hope you are having a great weekend!

UPDATE: Amethyst core samples are up in the shop now! Take a look!


  1. swoooon for the second cave explorer! love your work sarah. i would be the happiest to be able to catch him tomorrow at your shop. i'm really going to try my best! have a beautiful day:)

  2. these are so great! definitely on my wishlist!

  3. Gale: I love the grey agate geode guys, too. Great colour in those stones!

    Sadie: Thanks! There are certainly some things in your shop on my wishlist, too. :)

  4. well.

    you know how much i love the cave explorers.

    so pretty, whimsical and unique.

    thank you for doing what you do, so well, miss sarah.

    <3 <3


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