five friday favourites

This is going to be a quick post this week because I'm not free from overwhelming school obligations until tomorrow, but here goes...five favourites for mid-February.

1. Dolce Vita

Micaela's blog is one of my new finds and instantly became a favourite and must-read. Her posts are personal and inspiring. When she told me that she jogs to Nirvana I knew we'd get along! Make sure you go take a look at her blog and enter her giveaway!

2. These amazing Bowery Lane Bicycles

the broncks black

Made in the USA with American steel (sounds good to me) and super affordable. I wish they shipped to Canada and that I could justify the purchase of a new bike. Alas, my vintage cruiser (the "Commuter Special") and Lemond road bike will do for a while now. 
breukelen white three speed
3. Chocolate Arts

If you live in Vancouver you should go to Chocolate Arts. Try the lemon and basil truffle. Enough said.

4. FRIDAY NIGHT! That's right, tonight tonight. Because it is finally the night before reading break officially begins and we have a big presentation today and then...a week off! Well, sort of off, a week without classes nonetheless. I'm looking forward to celebrating with my classmates tonight and I can't wait to grocery shop, do laundry, clean my house, update the Sadie shop, and so on. FREEDOM!

5. You.

As a special Valentine's Day thank you to all of my blog readers I'm going to have a sale in the Sadie shop this weekend. Coupon code BEMINE will get you 20% off until Monday. Anyone using the coupon code will also get a special Valentine's Day gift along with their package. By the way, this photo is one I took of the Science Centre here in Vancouver and it made me kind of love my mom's camera.

Take a peek at Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno today and have a fabulous Friday! Check back later this weekend to see the new Cave Explorers!


  1. if you have friends in Vancouver, they should probably send you a lemon and basil truffle.....wouldn't you agree Sarah? :)

  2. you really made my day sarah!!! :) i feel like a rockstar, and that's the best feeling on a friday isn't it? THANK YOU! and thankyou for linking to my little giveaway.

    i love the photo from your mom's camera-- magical! you'll see me at the shop this weekend for sure...

    happy friday! xoxo

  3. Jill: You wish! Well, okay, maybe I'll send you a truffle. But you have to send me a cappuccino from Beano somehow.

    Micaela: I really do love your blog and wanted to share it with others. Have a great weekend!

  4. really great friday list sarah:) love the bikes, micaela's blog, lemon and basil truffles (INEEDTHIS), and sale at Sadie's! I have to remember to check out the cave explorers once and for all;)

    have a great break! enjoy!

  5. Awwww Micaela is one of my besties. :) She is so wonderful in every way! I'm glad I found your blog through hers--I am your newest follower and off to check out your shop! xoxo

  6. Gale: Yes, these bikes look sweet! I wish I could justify one! Lemon basil truffles are totally something that everyone needs. They literally have pieces of basil leaves in the truffles. Okay, this settles it, I'm going for one tomorrow. :)

    Claire: So glad you found my blog via Micaela. Thanks for following! xo

  7. P.S. Micaela: This photo is kind of ridiculous. I made my family drive to the science centre just so I could take it for the V-Day post. I'm glad I did though...it was worth it for me!

  8. I wish my dad still lived in Vancouver, I freaking LOVE it there! & I love everything you posted!!


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