This picture was taken a while ago on a very windy and freezing cold beach. I'm not joking when I say that I'm wearing sunglasses in almost every picture ever taken of me and I think it's kind of important to show a picture without the shades for a change! I've noticed I've recently gotten some new followers and want to welcome you all with a little post introducing myself. Hello! Here are five things that you might not already know about me, Sarah, the person behind Sadie Designs:

I am always busy. I often read a book while watching tv and checking my e-mail. I don't know when I started to be this way, but it's how I am now. I want a cabin on the Oregon coast where I can go to do nothing. Nothing!

I have traveled a bit, but not enough. This picture of Jeff and I was taken in the Netherlands pretty much the day after we got engaged. On that particular trip we also went to Barcelona (most fun ever!), Paris, London, and all over the place in the Netherlands (traveling by bike, canoe, boat, bus, train, tram, and plane, no less!).

Speaking of our engagement, Jeff and I have been together since we were young twenty-somethings (a while ago now!) and are getting married this fall.

On a cross-country road trip with my family in 1990 I accidentally drank the water that my stepdad was soaking his tooth plate in. In other words, I downed a glass of water with a false tooth floating in it. I'm still kind of grossed out by that and I also still act like it was no big deal when I'm around my family, who like to retell this story every Christmas.

I used to work at a migratory bird sanctuary and the best bird I ever spotted I saw with my very good friend, Jill, one memorable May day. We saw a Western tanager near Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park. What a thrill (for nerds like us)!

I hope this sheds some light on the person behind Sadie Designs. I've had a great time getting to know many of you already and look forward to meeting new followers, too! In the next few days I'll be sharing some new jewelry that will be showing up in the Sadie shop including...some new Cave Explorers!


  1. Beautiful Picture. :) And I can't read while watching TV. I usually read before I go to bed.

  2. Yes! The Western Tanager was AMAZING! I didn't know it was your best bird ever spotted...I'm glad to have shared that with you! The tooth-water story totally grossed me out though.

  3. i loved hearing more about you :) and am glad i found your beautiful corner of the internet.

    i can't wait to see your new designs!!! more the incentive to find a job soon ;)

    i'm sorry to giggle at your expense to the tooth-water story. ha! and traveling by every means in europe with the man you love sounds magical... i spent summers in college in italy and told myself i would never return unless it was with someone i love. i can't wait to take my husband there one day!


  4. 1. i swear i had no idea you weren't a young twenty something. i just knew you were so much younger than me! isn't it weird the things we think we know about people without actually knowing any of the facts for sure?

    2 i think i may have thrown up a little at the water story.

    3. tanagers are beautiful! one of my more memorable birding experiences was a few years ago when an unusually large flock of cedar waxwings made their way to our farm and stayed for a while while feasting on the berries on the cedar trees. they were incredibly tame and would continue to sing and eat while we got within a few feet of them.

  5. this was was so much fun learning more about you! your travels with your fiance sound amazing, especially getting around in the way you did with all those different means of transportation. how wonderful to run amok in a new place with the person you love! really, it has me daydreaming of traveling now hehe.

  6. You are certainly a very interesting artist! I can't wait to see what you design next and I also can't wait to read your next post.

  7. Aww I loved reading this about you! I love your blog and all your jewelry it's nice finally reading more about you! Love that picture of your guys and I'm so jealous of your world adventures together!! ♥♥♥

  8. amy: Thanks. When I'm reading and watching TV I'm actually doing both really badly.

    jill: That was a great day. I'm so glad that you think so, too. What a magical camping trip!

    micaela: Italy is definitely on our list of places we'd like to go next. One of my profs said that he could tell us about all the most romantic things to do, like getting into Venice in a speedboat. His parents have lived in Italy for years! Sounds amazing.

    danielle: funny that you thought I was young. I'm 30, but I think I actually have a bit of a problem in that I still look 16 sometimes. Cedar and bohemian waxwings are some of my favourites, too. Seeing and hearing a big flock of them flying around is so magical!

    gale: it was a super fun trip. I actually got to live just outside of amsterdam for five weeks. best school trip ever!

    m.m.e.: Thanks! So kind of you to leave a comment.

    jihee: Thank you! We need to have more adventures together. Can't wait for our next trip!


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