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Dear readers, welcome to the first post in the series I've been talking about these past couple of weeks! I'm so excited to get it started and can't believe how quickly the middle of March has arrived. The first post in this series is a day in my own life, and I offer it up as a glimpse into my busy school world, which I am in the process of wrapping up. After nearly three years in the Master of Landscape Architecture program I am very close to finishing. Here's an average day in my life these past months. 

It always begins with Lola. Look at that face, how could I resist taking her on a walk? Then coffee, then this view down towards the ocean on my way to the bus. Probably my favourite part of my journey to school is walking past this amazing blue whale skeleton at the Beatty Biodiversity Museum at UBC. 

My school days are sometimes also work days, because I'm a teaching assistant in a first year design studio, too. I'll often spend the morning drawing and designing (I'm re-designing a suburban neighbourhood to be pedestrian and child-friendly), rush somewhere, five or ten minutes late no doubt, (as was the case on this particular day when I didn't realize the class I had to get to was actually in a different building that day) and then I'll return to my computer and work later in the afternoon. Pretty boring, really, but that's what I do. 

When I come home it is inevitably dark already, one of the problems with Northern winters and long work and school days. Sometimes I stop at the store on the way home to buy Jeff and myself treats or swing by the post office to send Sadie packages off, but mostly I just get home as quickly as I can to devour dinner and spend some quality time with the couch. I usually read every night, too, in my quest to make it through fifty books a year and tackle everything I want to read. I've been really slow on this goal this year, and I'm sure you can imagine some of the reasons why. I did just start this Joan Didion book though, at the recommendation of my good friend Camilla, and I'm loving it so far. Anything that channels California in the '60s is good with me.

So, that's it friends, my day. I promise to post a much more eventful day as part of this series later on. Next week Danielle from the wonderful Dinosaur Toes will be sharing a day in her life with us all. I can't wait! 


  1. I have heard that book is amazing. It is on my list to read, but I haven't started yet.

  2. You are a busy lady Sarah! Congrats on graduating school this year! That is a huge accomplishment. It was fun to get a glimpse into your life.

  3. These are beautiful photos! What camera do you use if you don't mind me asking?

  4. you are a busy lady! i'm so impressed that on top of school you're able to manage your shop and blog. and read! vancouver is on my list of places to visit, everyone has made it sound amazing.

    i don't really have much time to fun read (just parenting books) lately, but j.didion has been recommended to me. another thing to add to my list :)

    have a great monday!

  5. Some of these pics look very familiar as I got a Master's degree in Interior Design a few years ago and spent countless hours at the drafting table and computer. (In case you're curious, I've put that career on hold for the moment to focus on other things. But I'll probably return to design at some point in the future.) Congrats on finishing school!! I know how much work it takes:)

  6. i was excited when i saw your post title! :)

    what a beautiful & fun glimpse into your hectic life. i love how you start your day with your pup (my dogs are very jealous of yours) and end the day with reading.

    i can't wait to see the rest of the series (though with danielle it makes me sad because if i was still in VA, i might be lucky to have been part of a thrifting adventure! lol) but what a way to introduce it :)


  7. I always love your images so much. Can you do a post of your work space?
    Also, I am almost done with some awesomeness that will be emailed to you tomorrow night.

  8. Beautiful! I love your day! I think I am going to share my day with you via Diana Mini photos if I get my act in gear. I might need to purchase a flash for it though. Fingers crossed I can do it!

  9. Wow! How do you find time for everything? Lola, school, your jewelry, blog, AND reading? I'm amazed ! I definitely have not perfected the art of balancing everything yet. Good for you :)

    Also wanted to say I love your blog header! And buttons down the side. Your blog looks beautiful.


  10. Lulu: It's a pretty quick read and I'm enjoying it for the most part. It feels a bit dated, but that's part of the charm.

    Orange: Thank you! I seriously can't wait to present my final project!

    Alessandra: Thanks! I left you a message on your blog about my camera. Nothing special, though it is gold.

    Marie Bee: Thank you, Marie. My life is pretty busy, but when I'm not trying to do a million things I don't really enjoy things as much. That said, I do hope that I get some time off after this program to catch up on some reading and travelling and more!

    My Hideaway: Thanks for your empathy. Design school is a whole other world that must be experienced to be understood. Congrats on getting through it! I can't wait to be on the other side.

    Micaela: I try to start my day with Lola and end with reading. It helps that I'm a procrastinator and insomniac, really. Up late with a book and doing anything I can to avoid getting on the bus to school. I'm also excited for Danielle's post! And yours!!!

    Carla: I promise I'll do a post on my jewelry workspace sometime soon. Perhaps when I actually get working in it a bit more. :) Can't wait to see your photos!

    Kait/Yuppielove: I don't love my day!!! I make the best of it, though. I'm excited to see your photos, no matter what medium you make them with.

    Stina: I stay up late most days and spend less time on certain things than I probably should. I would have to say that I'm a rather unbalanced person, though. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  11. I love the idea for this post! It's really interesting :) I adore the photo of Lola, I bet she's a sweet dog :)

  12. i've loved this glimpse and you are one busy lady! wholly schmolls, you know i used to work with an architecture firm ( some were landscape driven, it was Busby Perkins + Will, you know it? total GREEN enviro, LEED certified and all) and i have to say they were one of my fave peeps ever! totally intense and into what they created but also complete party animals!!!! work hard, play hard was a motto that lived well within those walls. awesome stuff, you should be so proud of all you've accomplished.

    Lola is a beauty and the view from UBC is unmatched, the boyf and i visit a coffee shop on campus just to be around the vibe of student energy. it's awesome!

    50 books a year? what the wa? i'm impressed, think i've made it through half a book this year. bad Lynn! i've loved seeing and hearing about your day. wonderful share & photos. ♥

  13. Lynn: I've only read 50 books in a year once but I like to aim hgh! That year I was mostly unemployed or underemployed and totally became obsessed with blasting through everything I'd wanted to read in my more busy years. This summer I'm dedicating myself to 1000 page novels. Infinite Summer here I come!

  14. A walk with Lola (I agree, she's irresistible!) and coffee sounds like a perfect start to any day! You are one busy lady!! Even though I'm new to your blog, it's so much fun to catch a glimpse into your life! And, congratulations on wrapping up your Master of Landscape Architecture program! It must feel amazing to see the light at the end of the three year tunnel! Looking forward to seeing what's next for you!


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