I got something wonderful in the mail last week and I wanted to share it with you all. My friend Micaela, who I've met through the blog world, sent me a beautiful handmade postcard that I will most certainly be putting up above my desk. It was so thoughtful of her to write to me and send me well wishes for my final weeks of school. Isn't this postcard so adorable?

Speaking of generosity, in light of the recent earthquake in Japan I just wanted to take a few seconds to encourage everyone to consider supporting the relief efforts of organizations like MSF and the Red Cross. I know sometimes it's hard to donate when you don't get to be involved in the results of your contribution directly, but giving is good for everyone. In fact, it's been proven. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. That postcard is absolute cuteness. Micaela's such a doll. ♥

  2. sweet, thoughtful friends are the best. so cute!

    giving is good, i've donated to red cross and just wish i could do more.
    have a great weekend yourself! <3

  3. The second I saw that picture I knew exactly who it was from. :)

  4. That's a beautiful postcard and a great idea! Also, thanks for the reminder to donate. It's so easy to forgot that we can actually affect change.

  5. you make me smile! :)

    so does your giving heart.


  6. Grace/Hello Again: I know! Heart shaped cats. Love.

    Demandablog: Mmmhmmm. I felt very lucky.

    Marie Bee: Agreed. I wish I could do more, too. So glad that you donated!

    Claire: I was pretty psyched to get it in the mail, too!!! And I totally knew who it was from right away. :)

    Jacqui: Well said, friend! See you soon to give you your soap.

    Micaela: Aww, thank you so much, Micaela. You're an inspiration!

  7. micaela is so sweet and out of nowhere sometimes, pops a postcard from her in your mailbox. i love that. <3


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