five friday favourites

rocky top soap shop
the world traveler by happymine
vintage matroyshka kittens by ethanollie
I wanted to start by sharing a few of my recent Etsy favourites with you. First of all, I ordered some soap from the Rocky Top Soap Shop and I love it! Quick shipping, lovely packaging and beautiful soap. I ordered the activated charcoal soap and a sample of cucumber yogurt. (Yes, Jacqui! I found the charcoal soap I was looking for and I've got one for you, too!) I think next time I think I might try the tea soaps. Do you order handmade beauty products from Etsy? Which shops are your favourite?

Next, my friend Jasmine just opened her own Etsy shop, happymine. Check out her fun illustrations and show her some love! There's nothing like a good adorable animal-themed card to make someone's day.

And then (I always seem to find the cat-themed objects) aren't these nesting dolls kind of amazing?

I recently ordered a necklace from one of my favourite shops ever, Dinosaur Toes. Kind of a thesis-motivation present for myself. This chalcedony bullet necklace was tough to resist...next time! I'm super excited for the piece I picked to arrive. I have a great pair of earrings that Danielle made and got my sister a bullet and amethyst necklace for Christmas last year. My favourite thing about Dinosaur Toes bullet necklaces is that Danielle gets the shell casings from her own target practice. Definitely check out her shop and blog!

chalcedony bullet necklace by dinosaur toes
Shall we end with a video to start the weekend off a little early? I think so:

Chad's from Calgary, my adopted hometown. He makes all the music and draws the animations. Awesome. Happy weekend, everyone! News: I'm updating the Sadie shop on Saturday and a day in the life starts on Monday!


  1. Charcoal soap? That's so nice! I'm excited to see this stuff in action. I have some kombucha tea here for you in exchange. Ha!

    I also think Jasmine's cards are pretty awesome and Dinosaur Toes bullet/amethyst necklace is the perfect mixture of strong and sweet.

  2. Looking forward to the Monday updates! :)

    I like the wrapping on the soap! Very earthy!

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food

  3. I just bought the soap from Rocky Top Soap Shop and just love it.

  4. Love the soap and the kittens! How have you been lady?

  5. That soap looks amazing! I'm going to go buy some handmade soap right now, I think. :)

  6. I love, love, love nesting dolls, those are so cute!

  7. Love the beautiful soap! I hope your friend Jasmine has lots of luck on etsy, her illustrations are lots of fun.

  8. woooo, thanks for the shout out! i love this list you've put together, but i have to admit, i've never heard of charcoal soap. what does the charcoal do?

    i've gotten some great soap from etsy, and tomorrow chris and i are going to the maple syrup festival in the mountains (in the middle of nowhere) and there are two ladies that make & sell my favorite soap there, so i plan to stock up!

    i hope you have a good weekend!

  9. I love the little french cat. So chic.

  10. Etsy is SO addicting!!I can spend hours just browsing and browsing!!

    Love all of your choices especially the "vintage matroyshka kittens by ethanollie"

    Have a great weekend :)

  11. LOVE the soap! The illustrations are so adorable!

  12. there is nothing like hand made soap!!! what a refreshing way to start the day in your morning shower.

    your friend jasmine's card "big boned" cracked me up! yes-- we've all been there! too cheeky.

    you know my heart belongs to my girl fiancee danielle-- what a gorgeous pick-me-up .

    can't wait to see the new additions to the sadie shop xoxoxo!

  13. Jacqui: I totally have some for you! I hope you like it. AND I don't want any of your weird "tea".

    Will write: Woohoo! Monday is almost here!

    A. Alexandra: I'm so glad you've got some too! What kind did you get?

    Jillian: So busy! Much like you, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog and adventures soon!

    Demanda: Did you get some???

    Oddity: Aren't these ones amazing! I'm sure that one of you must have bought them!!!

    Danielle: The charcoal is meant to be really good for sensitive skin, which both Jeff and I have. We use a face soap from Lush that has charcoal in it and we both love it! It kinda tastes like tar if you get it in your mouth though. :)

    Lulu: I'm glad you like it! Jasmine's illustrations are super cute.

    Kary: Oh yeah! Tell me about it. Etsy kinda makes me go a little crazy. I spend way too much time looking at all of the lovely things on that site!

    Jihee: I'm glad you like some of these things! Jasmine will be so happy to hear that people are digging her illustrations.

    Micaela: I really love handmade soap these days. It's just so nice and there are so many unique varieties to choose from! Jasmine is pretty hilarious, I'm glad you like her work! AND Danielle is amazing, isn't she? Can't wait for her guest post next week!


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