meet the new gilded cave explorers

I just wanted to share a little something that I've been working on for the Sadie shop: the gilded cave explorers. I've just discovered these new agate geodes which are fabulously light and still encrusted with beautiful crystals of all sizes and shapes. These three new gilded cave explorers have been treated to a ring of gold or silver, and nestled within you'll find animals and variety of cave exploring humans. I hope you like them. They'll be in the Sadie shop this coming Saturday!


  1. haha look at those little guys! theyre so cute!

  2. so cool! i love miniature people :)

  3. i loveeee your blog, and am now a follower! found you on unofficial etsy! please follow me, if you can! thanks! -jenn


  4. you know how i love these guys and those agate geodes are amazing. you are so talented sarah!

  5. These are soooo cool! What a clever idea. Love your work and your blog. Found you when you followed my blog http://divineinmind.blogspot.com/

  6. Omg!! These are beautiful!! Love them and as soon as I'm good to spend money again I will have to buy me one!! Miguelito loved the little dear one, and started saying " mami buy it, buy it" ha! I wish!! Cadenas muy bellas :)

  7. Rebecka: Thanks, friend!

    Little Tree: I have some baby deer, too, so cute but soooo tiny!

    Katie: These miniature people look pretty awesome, but they are sooo difficult to work with! For real! Drop one and it might be gone forever.

    Jenn: Thanks! So glad you found me!

    Gale: Aww, you are so sweet, Gale. And also very talented!

    Divine: Thanks. Glad to have found you and your lovely blog!

    Kary: These necklaces have been known to really appeal to kids, too!

  8. AHHH I LOVVVVVVE the deer one! Dang, I think it's time I finally buy one of your pieces. I can't choose though, I love all of them!

    ps - thanks for adding me to your blogroll! i feel so honored! :D

  9. WHAT?! I want this!!!!

  10. Love them! So cute. The little tiny people and animals inside are adorable (who doesn't love miniature cutness?). Very cool :)

  11. are you kidding?! how cool are those creations - many props to you lades - love them total! and super perfect name you gave them too.

    such an interesting medium, the way the gold melts around the crystal almost makes it look like a little chalet for those folks dwelling inside. awesome stuff. ♥

  12. Demanda: Thanks! I'm glad you like them!

    Jihee: No problem! Your blog is super cute!

    Carla: Haha! I should tell you all about what I want from your new line. So beautiful, Carla!!!

    Courtney: Thank you! Mini things definitely appeal to me, too.

    Lynn: Thanks! I like the gold ones, too. I actually like mixing silver and gold these days. Might be the fact that my watch is gold and my engagement ring is silver that started all my metal mixing.

  13. This is such an innovative idea! I'm such a sucker for a good geode.

  14. dave explorers are one of my most favorite things, ever, in my life now. even if i can't catch the one i'd love or afford one when they're released, i still just love seeing the new ones you come up with and create.

    can't wait to see the ones arriving in my mailbox soon! i'm sure they're even more beautiful in person!


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