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I loved looking through the photos and reading about Jihee's day when she sent me her Day in the Life post. Denver really reminds me of my adopted hometown of Calgary, Alberta. High in the Rockies, small town stuff with a tightly clustered downtown core...we even have the same trains in Calgary! I hope you guys enjoy getting a glimpse into Jihee's day, too. Let's take a look...

With school being finally over, I start my days around 10:00am instead of the usual 7:00am. I am not a morning person so I make sure to grab a giant cup of coffee and head for the train station. 

I always ride the same train everyday to get to the heart of Downtown Denver. 

I meet up with my best friend Michelle who lives downtown to start our adventures for the day. Lately we've been getting some horrible rain and snow (yes in May) and today was the first day the sun was shining! 

We always go to our favorite restaurant together to eat and to hang out called The Lobby. They have the best stuffed burgers and the best brunch ever. Today, they had a mouth watering fish taco special that was to-die-for. I always know it's going to be delicious because Michelle's boyfriend, Nate, is the executive chef there and he always treats us with off the menu goodies ;)

We head over to Little Man's Icecream. They are completely hard to miss - shaped like a giant milk jug haha. I wait all year for one thing, their mexican chocolate icecream on a waffle cone. I don't like the summer and love winter, but for their icecream, I could welcome summer all year round.

Next, we're off to the Highlands. Filled with vintage shops, boutiques, beautiful cafes, and amazing restaurants. It's nice walking around and soaking up the "small town feeling" you get when you're here. It almost feels like you're in another state because the Highlands are tucked away in the midst of the big city. It's such a treasure when you find it amongst the busy city streets. 

In the Highlands is a bookstore filled with vintage finds and classics. They carry these beautiful poetry journals that are issued every month, poetry submitted by locals. They have the best collection of vintage books as well as vintage local photography which have been turned into postcards. 

I absolutely love flipping through their collection of old magazines all day. 

Love getting lost in the millions of books. I usually try in any bookstore to limit myself one book at a time. It kills me to choose just one but I somehow manage. This time I bought a Stephen King book to add to my collection. If I could, I would spend my entire paycheck on books (and shoes). I would live here if they'd let me.

And NO day would be complete without meeting a group of friends and going to a Rockies game. One of my absolute favorite things to do in the summer is going to baseball games. Hot dogs, cold beer, pretzels, peanuts, nachos, oh and the game.... I swear I don't go just for the food hahaha. 

My nights end with me heading back to the train station again. Tonight, the train was  jam-packed with Rockies fans. I love the long train rides home after a long day. Time for me to put my headphones on and blast my music as the train speeds past the night traffic. 

Thanks so much for sharing, Jihee! For everyone who (like me) is waiting impatiently for summer to arrive, I'm sure that checking out Jihee's amazing knitwear in her Etsy shop will make you feel a lot better about these cold temperatures. If you're lucky enough to be feeling the summer heat, her earrings are the perfect accessory for beach bonfires. I also completely identify with wanting to live in a bookstore. In the next few days I'll be posting about an awesome reading-related project that's getting started this spring. Next week's Day in the Life post is not 100% confirmed, but I am very excited about the post that I hope to share then. I'll announce it when it's for sure. In the meantime, be sure to visit Jihee's lovely blog and shop today! Thanks so much for sharing, Jihee!


  1. what a great post idea!


  2. i had a crush on her but even more so now.... Books AND Baseball? hello dream girl!! oh and she loves to eat ;) i think this summer is going to be painful because i won't be able to drive 2 hours to see my TX Rangers in action.

    i miss having a great used bookshop like in Virginia... my first stop was always the classics... i once scored a lovely jane austen there and it was a sign in that time of my life... http://dolcevitamicaela.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-needed-day-off.html

    it still brings tears to my eyes when i think about it... how a book saved me that day.

    i wish i could go rummaging in Highlands!

    what a beautiful day jihee and i'm glad you shared!!! also, cheers to your etsy shop... sarah i loved the idea of wearing her pretty feather creations to a summer bonfire. and i love this series!!! x

  3. Denver is a wonderful city, and has some nice suburbs. This really took me back a few years.

    Thanks Jihee, for sharing your day with us.

    And thanks Sarah, for a really cool post! Great idea.

  4. still my favorite feature ever!!
    I went to a rockies game when I was younger and visiting Denver with my aunt. Haven't thought of that in yeeeears!

  5. What a cute post! I love this idea!

  6. Thanks Sarah for letting me be a part of this amazing series! It was SO much fun to do! Thanks again!! :D

  7. No, thank you, Jihee! And thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment. I have really loved these posts for all the inspiration they provide at the beginning of the week and the chance to get to know some of my favourite bloggers better. Thanks for reading!!!

  8. This sounds like such an amazing day. I have to say, I got stopped staring at the photo of the tacos. They look DELICIOUS! Yum!

    I love spending hours in the bookstore. It's just such a great place to be!


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