I should have called it "jewelry week"...the pink and green miriam necklace

the Miriam necklace

Hi everyone, here is one more fresh item that's going live in the Sadie shop now-ish. You might remember that I introduced the Miriam necklace a while back here on the blog. Well, after I did that, I was totally unable to find a source for more of these incredible pink and green agate triangles for weeks! But I got my hands on a few more and they are just as amazing as the first two that my mom sent me. So, seeing as how Mother's Day is on Sunday (don't forget! what are you doing for your mom?) I thought that I would list the Miriam necklace, which I named in honour of my own mom. I'm actually sending her one as a Mother's Day gift because she loves these stones as much as I do. I'd be worried that she's going to read this and find out, but she's in Nova Scotia right now visiting her mom (my 92 year old grandmother who I wrote about before, too), and I'm pretty sure that she doesn't have great internet access out on the farm. So, take a look at the Miriam pieces that are in the shop and have a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother's Day, whether you're a mom yourself and your kids will be treating you to a special day or you're celebrating your own mothers. I'm hoping for some sunshine and maybe a coast-to-coast phone call to my mom.


  1. I LOVE this! I am getting so mad because everyone has been posting lots of beautiful handmade treasures, and I can't spend a penny. But I will be swooning over this necklace for a hot minute!
    Also, you are the model blogger/business owner. Always putting so much love into the description of your jewelery. I love it!!

  2. This is super pretty! I love the wooden beads along the chain :) And I absolutely love my new necklace. I wore it all day long haha! My step dad is the mail man so he brought it right in for me at lunch time and said "your necklace is here!" cause he knew I had been waiting for it haha!

  3. I second Beca's comment - the description for this necklace in your Etsy shop is awesome!


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