mixed minerals: black tourmaline and some other great things

amethyst and black tourmaline
quartz and black tourmaline (silver and gold dipped)
citrine and black tourmaline
We're back and getting ready to face the real world music tomorrow morning. Poor Jeff has to get up at 5:15 AM tomorrow and put in a twelve hour day! I can hardly complain in comparison. Seattle was so fun. We took it easy today: visited some of our favourite neighbourhoods and checked out Silence-Heart-Nest at the suggestion of talented Seattle resident, Moorea Seal. (Thanks so much for the tip, Moorea!) I also discovered a stone/jewelry-making paradise, for real, cannot emphasize enough how awesome (and therefore dangerous to my mini vacation budget) this place is. It's not that they have everything, it's that they have lots of stuff that I have never been able to find in Vancouver, and at reasonable prices, too. So, be on the lookout for even more new stuff in the Sadie shop soon, especially more mixed mineral necklaces in a similar vein to the ones above that I just listed tonight. Happy almost weekend, everyone! Do you have any plans for Saturday and Sunday yet?


  1. Fun! I like the matte/shiny contrast of those pieces. You always have the funnest weekend travel excursions. I look forward to your new Seattle inspired pieces. And, I also can't wait to see you and give you a big congratulatory hug!

  2. Super pretty new pieces!

    What store is this amazing jewelry-making paradise in my home town?! You have me guessing!



  3. Love these! (big surprise).
    Jealous of your trip! Because
    1: you went away
    2: you ate delicious things
    3: you found a great supply shop

  4. i am so in love with all of your new pieces! i am really missing not having my shop open, i feel like i'm going through withdrawals. :)

    your weekends are always so fun!

  5. i agree with stina-- i LOVE these but no surprise there ;) you should know that on my trip to NYC, i took only one necklace... my one of yours.

    where you went is my dream city... and i've never even been but i just know i would love it because a.) it rains and rain is my happy weather.

    oh and just so you know... every bit of the DELICIOUS shake shack was consumed with you in mind, wishing you can have joined in! you weren't kidding sarah ;) it was DEEEELISH!

    i've missed you and can't wait to catch up! x

  6. these are so cute :)
    this weekend I am going to try and catchup with all my sketchbooks and starting my new scrapbook :)

  7. Gorgeous necklaces! Glad you had fun in Seattle.

  8. love your mixed mineral necklaces- AWESOME!

  9. sooo pretty!! i'm loving all of the new work!


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