weekend worship

Today was all about catching up with friends. First coffee in the awesome mug that Jeff bought at one of our new favourite Seattle shops: The Field House. We discovered this place when we were walking around Ballard this week. Ballard itself we discovered a couple of years ago when we went down to Seattle to see Richard Buckner. Lola and I met up with Emily and Hazel for a walk and ended up getting caught in a freak hail storm a few blocks from home. After our epic weather adventure I met up with Ivy to go buy CS5 (nerds) and return our studio keys for our deposit. We failed on both attempts and the crazy weather returned. A Thai lunch saved the day.

Tonight I'm looking forward to watching Tina Fey host SNL. I just finished reading her book, Bossypants, and kind of loved it. Now that I know a lot more about her I think she's even more awesome. I'm going to be making lots of jewelry tonight to fill a couple of orders and start getting ready for the BLIM market that I'm doing here in Vancouver on May 22nd. Mark the date if you live in Vancouver. It would be great if you swung by to say hi at Heritage Hall!


  1. you've done it again. richard buckner! you're like my canadian twin :)

    we visited family in seattle last may, and ballard was one of my favorite neighborhoods.

  2. Marked Sunday in my planner, look forward to meeting you :) I want to wander Main a bit too, I keep meaning to but never make it or have the chance when I'm in the area.


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