three generations

grandma (note that calendar in the background!!!)
grandma and me
mom (bowl cut, so rad!), me (bday hat), sister (yellow dress, so cute!)
mom and me this spring
It's Mother's Day and I thought that I would share some vintage photos with you of my mom and her mom and also myself. I've talked lots of times about how proud I am of the accomplishments of my family members. My sister and I are the first generation on my mom's side to not live on the farm and the first kids to be born and grow up in the bustling city of Halifax! My dad's parents were also incredible people, and I'll share some photos of them soon. There was one picture in particular that I was looking for but couldn't find today. My mom is 25 years old and holding baby me. I saw that photo when I was 25 and was so struck with how much we look alike. I can see the resemblance in these photos, too. Note the birthday party shot. That's gotta be most of the moms in our neighbourhood! And that's my sister in the yellow dress, proving once again that she was the cutest kid in the freakin' world!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, including my own, of course!


  1. aww happy mother's day to your momma who was indeed rad!!! ;)

    family photos are my favorite... i love how you found two photos with the pup in the shot... lovely!

    i bet it was such a feeling to see a photo of your mom at your age and see the difference in time... at 27, my mom already had 3 kids! when you find that photo, do post about it ;)

  2. I love your haircut together with the birthday hat. it looks very high fashion of today!

  3. Those are some very cool vintage photos! I love looking at old photos :)

  4. What a lovely tribute! I especially like the bicycle picture - my grandma had an "adult" 3-wheeler also :) It was such fun!!!

  5. These are such great photos!! Love the clothes and the hair...and is that a 3 wheel bike in the photo of your grandma and you?

    (In response to your comment: In my opinion, Javier Bardem deserved the Oscar this year!!)


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