five friday favourites: interiors

the simplest bedroom ever
gypsy caravan (loved by me and my sister kate)
simple (and affordable looking) living room
bookshelf photograph by lavender.
sunny corner at my house
I realize that I've never posted about the kind of home interiors that I dream about. Every home that I envy has a lot of sunlight, first and foremost. And white walls. That's it, that's what I wish I had these days. The thing is, I totally switch back and forth between wanting to live in a gypsy caravan, or a crazy home like Pamela Love (still white walls, still lots of sunlight!) and wishing that my entire house was like the bedroom at the top of this post: empty except for essentials. The thing is, I guess, I just have too much going on for my home to be that empty. Fabric, jewelry supplies, many books, an old school tv that I refuse to replace until tvs are just stickers on the wall (which is going to happen), cameras, dog stuff, bike stuff, so much stuff! We've definitely been getting rid of things, but I think Jeff and I both still want to purge more. Living in such a small space has been pushing us in the direction of downsizing and we're both ready to live with a lot less around us. The thing is, where do you put a giant record collection in a minimalist home?

What kind of spaces do you dream of? Simple and serene; eclectic and colourful? Both, like me? I think the answer for me is to move to a bigger space and get nothing new. It's hard to jam a life into less than 800 square feet. But you do what you've gotta do in Vancouver. Finally, do you have any favourite interior images or blogs to share? Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. oooo i love all of these! I dream of a calm spot where I can read and relax. This sounds strange but I would love an indoor hammock next to a huge window!!!

  2. This is the hardest for me. I dream of clean and serene,. but it always ends up being a jumble sale type affair wherever i live! piles of crap everywhere, photos all over the walls. i should learn to accept it and be at peace with it but damnit i want a lovely white walled palace of minimalism and serenity.


  3. I'm starting to think the key is storage, so that we can all have our collections and hobbies and everything BUT keep most of it out of site and just have a rotating display of the things that we love. Trouble is, my 100+ year old apartment doesn't have much in the way of storage considering we have a billion pounds of camping equipment, craft supplies, cooking utensils, etc. And that's despite the fact that we use our waffle maker as a panini press to minimize small appliances.

  4. I love the bookshelves, I dream of having a huge library with secret books that hold secret compartments and keys and stuff. Just to screw with my future kids. I'll stick some treasure maps in there, too.

  5. I love the gypsy caravan too!! I think that is more my favorite. But my house has TERRIBLE natural lighting. I also envy those who have it.

  6. I adore the simple minimalist room! I think the main way to keep things minimalistic is to store things in very clean looking containers. I also want a library with shelves up to the ceiling so I have to use a ladder to get to them all... Speaking of books, I'm heading to the library to pick-up our book club book! :)

    P.S. I'm holding a little giveaway at my blog, you should check it out!

  7. I love simple and serene, with a touch of eclectic color thrown in! I'm a coastal decorator, with an ocean, beachy theme going on. It suits my style, and my home.

  8. hmmm....it's a hard one. I like them all. Apparently Blair and I are enjoying dog pictures in our interior. These interiors are a lot classier though. I hear you on the natural sunlight. It sounds like a dream for a basement dweller.


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