that post about summer hockey in vancouver

burrard bridge

cbc building

cbc screen
science world canucks style
moon over the west end

I'm going to let these pictures and videos do most of the storytelling, but I think it would be remiss of me to be a Vancouverite and not mention that something huge is going down here right now. The Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 17 years. Last evening was game two. To deal with the thousands of people who want to watch and party and parade around town with homemade Stanley Cups, the city has set up a bunch of outdoor screens, streets are closed, and people are high-fiving and slapping their bellies all over the place (seriously, that seems to be a way that men are celebrating this). We saw party RVs, almost got murdered by an airhorn blast of unrivalled power, snuck into the CBC plaza party, and watched the Canucks win with an overtime goal just 11 seconds into the first overtime period. Were you downtown or watching somewhere else last night? What are you doing for game three tomorrow? Are you, like me, a Flames fan who is just loving this for the atmosphere that it's creating in the city? I swear. Jeff and I are like, well, this is fun, but it's no 2004...and I don't get to scream "THAT'S MY NEIGHBOUR!!!" every time Martin Gelinas scores a series-winning goal. Check out some amazing photos and more over at the CBC.


  1. i love it!!! :) esp. as a sports fan of a team in the NBA Finals and how HUGE it is to win big when it counts. Game 3 is today and I'm a bit nervous (that's part of the fun right!?) and wish i had a pair of red glittery slippers to take me back to dallas so i could be there to experience it.

  2. What awesome pictures! Just beautiful. I used to think nature pictures were the best. But lately I've gravitated toward city scapes and architecture. Love them!

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  4. It has created a really great atmosphere in the city. We're heading to a bar on Davie Street to watch the game tomorrow. So much fun!

  5. I love it when sports teams bring a city together! the energy is just awesome!

  6. EEEK! These photos and videos are fantastic. I love your dog! SO CUTE! :) Vancouver has been on FIRE these past few days (literally with the heat and insane Canucks spirit). I cannot wait for us to bring the cup home. It's about time this happened!!

  7. 2004 was epic!! nothing beat 17th ave than during that time. i think everyone else is just trying to compete with us!

  8. Gabriella: You are so right! That was legit!


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