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A few days ago I mentioned a photography project that I have planned for the Sadie blog in September. The idea behind the project is to use a half frame camera or a camera that allows multiple exposures to come up with some amazing photographs around specific themes. I wanted to announce the basics of my plan a little early in the hopes that you could plan to participate. Of course, as I said before, regular old cameras will do the trick, too. The project is called "Double Exposure" so be on the lookout for those posts at the end of the month.

These photos were taken with a Golden Half, my awesome, tiny half frame camera that I got last year. I love the quality of the colour in these photos. I think I'm going to get our photographers or friends to use this camera a little bit at the wedding. Getting half frame prints back is exciting. You never know which juxtapositions are going to work until you see the finished photos and in the case I couldn't even remember what I'd photographed. More to share soon!

Oh, and for those of you who noticed on Twitter yesterday that someone had stolen Jeff's bike last night, thanks so much for your kind words. Lame lame lame. I just can't understand people who steal bikes. It is such a terrible, mean thing to do to someone. That bike had been with us for a while. Oh well, that's life in the big city, I guess. There will be more bikes and many more bike rides.


  1. sarah, i loe you pictures, especially the one with the back of the old car. and so funny, i was looking through my half frame pictures i got developed last week to see which ones i wanted to scan in and add to my blog!

    the colors in your pictures are gorgeous, and it hardly looks like they're taken with film! i'm not sure what's been going on with my half frame camera (and maybe i shouldn't complain because it is over 50 years old) but the last two rolls have been really dark and grainy, not like the previous rolls. weird.

  2. I have a Diana Mini I was given for my birthday - sounds like fun! I haven't played with it much so having a mission will be good :)

  3. Danielle, thanks! There is something I really love about that photo in particular, too. Maybe because the juxtaposition is unexpected. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm drawn to it. I really can't wait to see some more of your half frame photos. Your film posts are among my favourites! I wonder what's up with your camera? I hope you'll join my little double exposure project, too!

    Stina, yay! Sounds like you can be part of double exposure! You're all set. Does your Diana mini take 35mm film or medium format? I have a medium format Diana. Love it, though I've never really gotten the pinhole setting to make magical photographs for me.

  4. It takes 35mm film. I haven't finished my first roll yet since I keep forgetting to take it with me when I mean to. I hope the whole roll isn't a disaster, I've never used a camera like it before :)

  5. Stina, I think the 35mm will make it a cinch. Can't wait to get this project started! (But have to wait, must get married first!)


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