sam's rad summer: vancouver island

So this summer, well, has been less than summery for me. I'm finishing my diploma (next week!) so I've been in school full-time and working on top of that. Any break I can take is divine. A couple of weekends ago my sister and I headed to Vancouver Island to visit with my Aunt who was house sitting for my parents (as they were touring Europe - I'm jealous, are you?).

Most of my adventure involved food as I spent most of my time doing homework and scanning 100+ family photos for a special project I was working on. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my rad summer (and don't get too hungry!).

We started our trip in Horseshoe Bay. I'd been wanting to go to this cute new restaurant, Olive and Anchor, and now was the perfect time. We decided to share the Crispy Cod Po'boy Sandwich. It was delicious (and look at that salad!).

Because their dessert menu looked irresistible we also decided to share their Brandy-raisin bread pudding. It was DELICIOUS, as you can probably see.

When we arrived, we did some grocery shopping at the local Safeway. My sister didn't put her produce into plastic bags (as is our habit) even though I told her that it probably isn't common practice over there. Sure enough, at the checkout, they bagged each of the fruits individually. Oh well!

The next day we went to the Comox Valley Farmer's Market. They had a sweet little band playing while we were there. It was a great market!

At the market I found the most amazing gingerbread cookie. A neon squid! How could I resist. He was tasty, too.

We also bought this enormous tomato. It was so big that it cost $3!

On our way home, I spotted this guy. I can't decide if this is the best or worst summer job.

Finally back in Vancouver after a great trip that was much too short, my sister and I indulged in a summer favourite, rocket popsicles and a walk to Kits Beach.

Hopefully Vancouver will continue to have blissful summer weather!

Thank you so much for sharing, Sam. I'm glad you showed us so much food! That's my idea of an awesome vacation. Be sure to stop by Sam's blog and say hi and check out her great Etsy shop, too! I've featured one of her items in my Friday Favourites before and can't wait to get my hands on one of her awesome leather pouches!


  1. That squid cookie looks amazing! How could you pass that up!? There is a bakery here that has been making unicorn cookies lately. I like the creative shapes.

  2. I know you warned me but now I am hungry! Glad to got to squeeze in a few wonderful moments during the summer.

  3. onelonelyapricot: I love the looks of that squid cookie, too! My favourite cookie cutter is a lobster. A unicorn sounds pretty great, too. I can see a lot of potential with candy glitter!

    Brandi: Aren't Sam's pictures awesome? Everyone I talked to about this post wanted a rocket pop after they read it. I did, too!

    Thanks for the great post, Sam!

  4. Sam, that tomato is epic!! Oh my goodness. That's also the most awesome gingerbread cookie I've ever seen.

  5. you've just reminded me about the mass benefits of a get-away like this. Vancouver Island is like another world, you can feel far away from it all and it only takes a few hours to return when you want to. best ever!

    bring on that food too, it is just d-vine! glad you got to take a break before finishing up the diplomz. rocket pop cheers, Sam's pics are off the hook awesome. ♥


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