music: juana molina

I recently discovered the Argentinian songwriter/musician Juana Molina when reading, you guessed it, Apartamento. I love the dreaminess of her music and voice. In the interview I read with her she talked a lot about how much she values silence, that she prefers bars and restaurants that don't play music. That really resonated with me. I kind of dislike going out to meet with friends and having to yell over music all night, especially if the music isn't great. In contrast, one of my favourite places that I'd like to go back to is a bar in Capital Hill in Seattle that doesn't play music at all. At first it's a little strange, but you get used to it quickly and it makes the place have a totally different vibe. Not that I think every place should be music free, I'd just like for there to be one quiet place in Vancouver, for those nights when you'd like to just talk and hear each other. And it would be great if some other places could play some Juana Molina. Though really, her music makes me want to go to the beach.

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