a few new things: pyrite and pink

This morning I was working on a fun wholesale order for Icon Tattoo in Portland and also made a few new things that I'll be adding to the Sadie shop after our wedding. This particular wholesale order was extra fun because I sent a lot of custom pieces their way, including pyrite and sterling silver necklaces and some amethyst core samples.

Today I've also been thinking about creativity and how I work best. The truth is, these new pieces came out of having different materials around for the custom order and having time. Having caught up on all my orders, I had some time to just play around with things and see what could work. I ended up gravitating to the combo of rough pyrite with polished, light pink rose quartz and chalcedony. And of course, I love a little turquoise, too. I have a really good feeling about this little break that I'm taking. I think that in between working on wedding details I'll find the time and inspiration to experiment with some of the materials that I've had for a while, and hopefully some great pieces will result. I'm also hoping that I'll have my hands on a new camera in the next few weeks, so these new pieces will be the subjects of improved photography, too! I. Can't. Wait.

Check back in tomorrow for a great Rad Summer post and take a minute to visit There & Here where I'm guest posting on Tuesday!


  1. these look awesome! i Love the stuff you come up with. Gets better and better.

  2. those new pieces are gorgeous! its always nice to have a little creativity burst!

  3. Gorgeous work Sarah, I can't wait to see what materials you will explore next!

  4. These are really beautiful. I love the combo of pink & pyrite [also it is fun to say out loud]

    xx Dianne

  5. Katie: Thank you so much! I'm excited to make a lot of new stuff for the fall! I have so many ideas and not nearly enough time!

    Katie: Agreed! It feels great to get the chance to make some of your ideas real.

    Jenn: Thank you so much, Jenn! Back at ya!

    Dianne: Thank you. Yup, I named the post for exactly that reason. There's something a bit off about the word combo and I liked that. Stay safe over there in London!

    Maria: Thank you! So great to get feedback from you all!

  6. I love these new pieces!! They're beautiful.


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