amanda's rad summer: reykjavik

Our great friends Ryan and Amanda went on an amazing trip this summer to a place Jeff (who has Icelandic heritage) and I definitely dreams of visiting...Iceland! Amanda has been kind enough to share some of their awesome photos here on the Sadie blog. I love the stark contrast between this summer adventure and Carrah's Africa trip. To the moonscape...

This August my husband Ryan and I were fortunate to spend a week in Iceland, somewhat of a belated honeymoon made possible by the generous contributions of friends and family from our wedding last September. Iceland is a strange and beautiful place that Ryan has always wanted to visit, and that had also intrigued me for its amazing landscapes (including hot springs and volcanoes) and artists (including Bjork and mum).

Flying over Greenland at sunrise

View from our awesome hotel, Kex (which used to be a biscuit factory). There’s a lonely lighthouse out on the point, reminiscent of the Mum video posted above.

Reykjavik (from the top of Hallgrimskikja– the church that is the centre of the city)

This says something about fish…I think. Luckily Icelanders also speak English.

We had some of the best Thai food, fish and chips, and pizza that I have ever eaten. But not to be missed were the bæjarins beztu pylsur, the best hot dogs in town, from Iceland’s most popular restaurant, a hot dog stand. 

The impressive natural hot springs and moonscape of the Blue Lagoon. 

This was a cold and windy day; all the more reason for us to spend 4 hours in the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa nearby, where hot springs, steam rooms, saunas and even beer and ice cream could be enjoyed. 

Definitely a magical place!

At this time last year Jeff and I were excited and getting ready for Ryan and Amanda's lovely Vancouver wedding. This year it was our turn, and let me just say publicly that Amanda was so helpful, gracious, and reassuring as we prepared for the big day. She took on so much for us, took a hit for the team at a wine tasting party (ugh...that was a fun and terrible idea) and made all the planning seem way more fun and easy. Thank you so much, friend, and thank you for sharing these photos and a bit of your Iceland adventure story. So glad that you guys moved to Vancouver! So many fun times to come!


  1. Amazing photos!
    The colour of the water at the hot spa is unreal!


  2. It's good they speak English there because their written word looks a little terrifying. Beautiful pictures Amanda. I definitely need to hear more about your trip to the thermal pools since they are such a unique natural attraction. And especially appealing because it's hard not to see that place as eternally cold. I imagine they would feel amazing! Maybe we can discuss it in more detail over a bæjarins beztu pylsur.

  3. I have been to ICeland as well last month! What an amazing country! I can't wait to go back!!! Glad you had a nice time! :-)

  4. Amanda, I like the picture from the top of Hallgrimskikja– the church that is the centre of the city! The shadow of the tower on the ground is where you and Ryan are! Trippy.


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