five friday favourites: wedding edition

satomi kawakita jewelry
just married banner by celebratewithfun
inter-species cake topper by melabowed 
invitations by shira leuchter
via design editor
Today's five Friday favourites are wedding themed. Now that the big day has come and gone I can reveal some of our secrets. I wanted especially to thank some of the great Etsy shop owners who helped us make our wedding day special in every way. Our just married banner was a custom piece by Celebrate With Fun (this isn't exactly ours, but one like ours). It arrived so quickly and the seller was great about customizing it. Our MelaboWed cake topper was also a custom request. We wanted it to add a bit of weirdness to our cake and keep everyone from thinking we were taking things to seriously. I can't recommend this shop enough. Great communication, everything was very well packaged and arrived quickly and the piece itself is even more awesome than the pictures imply. LOVE it. Wolf and squirrel forever.

I think the Etsy seller who maybe deserves the biggest thank you from us is Shira Leuchter. Her beautiful and affordable wedding invites fit our theme of vintage garden party perfectly and she was such a pleasure to work with. She quickly adjusted proofs and made very helpful suggestions when we were working on the design. She also went so far as to courier our invites to us during the Canada Post lockout and packaged everything absolutely beautifully. Seriously, if you're getting married or having a big event that you need some invitations for, work with Shira. She is wonderful and her work is, too.

The ring at the top of this post is not my current wedding band, but it is the one that I'd love to have to wear on days when a lower profile ring is more appropriate. I love the delicate band and the asymmetric layout of the tiny diamonds. The Satomi Kawakita engagement rings are also ridiculously awesome. Perhaps a few of you need to send the link to your boyfriends?

Finally, what wedding is complete without some Martha Stewart tissue paper pom poms? We made some for my friend Roberta's wedding reception a few years ago, and made many, many more for our wedding. We adjusted the way we made them a little to keep the back flat to make big wall pieces, inspired by Elsie's huge backdrop at her truly beautiful wedding. Check out the super easy DIY instructions over on the Martha site. She always knows what's up.

Which Etsy shops are your favourites for wedding-related awesomeness?


  1. Wow - an Etsy wedding. Yours was absolutely beautiful (especially loved the banner, invites and pom poms)! Followd you from Etsy blogs as I discover slowly what folks are writing about.

  2. Welcome back and congrats on the wedding! I hope it was everything you wanted.

    I can't remember the name of the shop, but there are some adorable bird cake toppers floating around Etsy. They kind of look like sophistaced pin cushions.

  3. So dreamy! Makes me want to get married NOW.

  4. Giiiirl! Stop it! I have crazy wedding fever right now! ;)

  5. I love the inter-species cake topper!
    We also ordered our wedding bands from etsy. Gotta love a handmade wedding!

  6. oooohhh thanks for all the tips! My day is coming up next Summer and I have been creeping etsy like mad!

  7. lovely! I found you on etsy. great blog. check me out if you have a minute.




  8. Everything looks so beautiful!
    I dream of having an outdoorsy handmade wedding. I saw photos from one at a lodge, I think, up the coast, with the ocean in the background - AMAZING.


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