geode cave explorers are back

Just a very quick post today to let you know that I've reopened the Sadie Etsy shop and have it stocked with lots of new pieces (including new cave explorer geode necklaces and a one of a kind geode diorama). My new favourite is definitely the little old lady in the picture just above this text. I'll be sharing more photos of the new pieces in the days to come. Besides making me feel like I live the most lavish of lifestyles, having all of our wedding flowers in our apartment has proved inspiration for my jewelry photos, too, and I've used a lot of our wedding flowers as props. The pink and green hydrangeas are my favourites. I love the textures of the plants and how the colour of the flowers and leaves really brings out the colour in the stones that I use, especially the amethyst core samples.

To see more take a look at the shop. Have a great weekend! I'll be tie dyeing all day tomorrow!

P.S. If you're also in the Pacific Northwest (or dream of visiting) take a look at the amazing Seattle to Vancouver road trip in Bon App├ętit. I see a trip to The Willow Inn in my future!


  1. so cute! love these little guys!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I love the these♥
    Dropped by from EBT to say hi and am following now. Happy Saturday!



  3. I can't wait to own one of these necklaces,they're so cute!

    Looks like a lot of good food in the Pacific Northwest, putting it on my "places to visit" list, thanks (:

  4. Katie: Thank you! More to come, too!

    TheAdorned: Thanks for stopping by!

    Jasmine: Yes, the Pacific Northwest is amazing. Everyone should try to spend some time here.

    Jihee: Thanks, friend!


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