let me tell you about a necklace

antique locket and crystals
Now, I'm not in the business of using this blog to only talk about the jewelry that I make because I enjoy sharing a lot of different things here, too. But having recently reopened the Sadie shop and with (if you can believe it) preparations for the holidays in mind, I've been making lots of new stuff with the materials that I picked up this summer in my various travels around the Pacific Northwest.

The necklace that I want to tell you about actually incorporates an antique locket sourced from the Middle East by an amazing curator of rocks and jewelry pieces that I've come across. I handpicked the lockets that I brought home with me, making sure every part of them was in good working order. I then found three amazing, tiny crystals (an instant collection that comes wrapped in fabric if you get one of these necklaces). After stringing the lockets on oxidized black chain, the final design element is left up to you. Whether you choose to take along a Herkimer diamond, citrine chunk, or piece of red zircon is a choice you get to make whenever you wear this little beauty. Take a look at the listing in the Sadie shop for more info on the stones. I'll be back tomorrow with some Friday favourites! It's almost the weekend!


  1. i love the idea of putting a pretty stone in a locket! and as far as your jewelry goes, i'm really loving the one with the tourmaling, quartz, and brass charm. very pretty!

  2. it's like its own little magical world in there! i'm SO glad you shared it and always love seeing the treasures you create. ♥

  3. I love these, they're beautiful!

  4. wow love the idea!! *-* I'm following you! Hope you can also follow my blog, if you like it! Thanks Mary
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