magazines and black tourmaline and dye

Today I got home from a long day of work to discover a package from my blog friend Dianne. She sent me four issues of magazines not easily found here in Vancouver: Oh Comely and Frankie. I'm looking forward to reading them now that I have a bit more free time. It was so sweet of Dianne to send these my way. Her blog, ice floe, is one of my favourite reads these days. She always has beautiful pictures posted and has a lovely Etsy accessories shop, as well. Thank you, Dianne! I know what I'm reading on the seabus tomorrow!

quartz, black tourmaline, vintage brass

amethyst, black tourmaline, vintage brass
I also wanted to share a few photos of some of the new pieces that I've been making for the Sadie jewelry shop lately. These particular necklaces came about when I was putting something together for my awesome pastry chef friend Camilla (who made our beautiful and most delicious wedding cake...pictures to come!) and I wanted her new necklace to be something really awesome. These pieces are similar to hers, with either amethyst core samples or gold plated clear quartz, gold dipped black tourmaline, and vintage brass geometric charms.

One last quick little thing...that tank top in the picture above? I dyed it by hand this weekend in the most amazing tie dye session that Emily and I have had yet. Camilla joined us and we tie dyed everything from socks and underwear to raw fabric that we all have plans for. Emily even tie dyed some velvet (which we found out is made from natural materials...cellulose...I would never have guessed). I hope to be able to share a few more photos of our tie dyed masterpieces soon! Just need the sun to come back and give me some nice light.


  1. I love love love that necklace!!

  2. I have been bugging the my local magazine store to carry Frankie for the past year with no luck. So jealous that you have your own copy.

  3. Beautiful necklace! And I can't wait to see the rest of your tie dye adventures!

  4. beautiful necklace! I love your work.



  5. Love the new cluster necklaces! And nice tank! You are dying up a storm!

  6. Di is such a sweetie!

    That necklace is beautiful!!


  7. Amazing Amazing Amazing I totally forgot I had sent these! Glad you love. xx


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