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Our new apartment is pretty great, though not entirely unpacked or cleaned up yet. One of my favourite things about it is the new paint job. Alice recommended simply white by Benjamin Moore and our landlords were kind enough to paint everything in the colour we chose. I couldn't be happier with the bright, clean feeling this white lends to this place. It is so much easier to take photos in here than in any of our other Vancouver apartments.

Now on to the scarves! If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that Emily and I (and Camilla Tie Dye Ingr) have been hand dyeing everything from scarves to underwear since the summer. One of my favourite things to make are these large organic cotton scarves. They are big, nearly 2m long, and super lightweight. I use mine as a blanket to sit on in the park, a scarf, or as an adhoc sweater in the summer.

Wednesday morning I had a serious dye session in between drawing landscape plans for work and I got some awesome scarves made for Portobello West this weekend. As you can see, they still need to be ironed, but they're almost ready to go. I'm so glad I managed to pull of making these in time for the shows I'm going to be at. Any that I still have after PW and Got Craft? will be available online in the Sadie shop...except that last one...I might have to keep it for myself. 


  1. i love these! i think we must be on the same wavelength or something because i've dying a few things lately, too, and i've wanted to do a scarf, but if you put any in your etsy shop, maybe it'll just be easier to buy one of yours than to make my own ;) they're beautiful!

  2. These are lovely. Especially the black one!

  3. Lovely scarves. I esp love the gray one. Almost everything in my wardrobe is grey now except for my jeans!

    And I'm so glad that you love the paint job!

  4. Dianne: Thank you! So glad that you like them!

    Danielle: You should share some of the things you've been dyeing. It's kind of a lot of work, but I love making things that are always 100% unique. I'm glad you're into these scarves!

    Lolo: Thanks. I definitely love that one, too.

    Arlie: Coming from a tie dye master like you that means a lot! Thank you, Arlie!

    Alice: Love it!!! Grey is perfect in Vancouver this time of year.

  5. Oh wow, these are amazing!
    Things being 100% unique is always something I go for... And these fall under that category. They're beautiful!

  6. these are great! They would make awesome Christmas gifts

  7. lovely. you can't go wrong with tie dye :)

  8. that scarf that looks like lightening. I am pretty sure I need it. Are you going to be putting these in your shop? Do you want to send some for my shop? hehe. ;) <3

  9. oh wow, these look super pretty, I want one ;)

  10. Wow, thank you all so much for your comments about these scarves. You've convinced me that I need to keep making these! Plus, dyeing 20m of fabric in one go was kind of exciting!

    Rachel Louisa: I don't think I could get two of these to look the same no matter how hard I tried! It's always a surprise when I unfold them!

    Katie: Thanks! I'm definitely thinking about giving a couple as gifts this year, too.

    Maria: Agreed!

    Beca: No way! That one's mine (just to reiterate my tweet). Perhaps someday these will show up in the shop. Depends on the response at PW and Got Craft?

    Paula: Thank you! If you're in the Vancouver area be sure to stop by Portobello West, if not, watch the blog for future shop updates. :)

  11. Oh these are so lovely! I want one!!

    Email me about Saturday!!

  12. Thanks, everyone! These two limited edition scarves have made their way into the Sadie shop for your enjoyment!

  13. sarah, they are GORGEOUS!!!!


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